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Cultivating Awareness

through the wisdom and practice of

Counseling, Spiritual Direction & the Enneagram 

Slow Down and Live the Questions...

  Are your questions getting too big for their boxes? 
Do you have a desire to grow from life's challenges?

Do you sense that your "why" is off?

Are you a ministry professional who would like more support, 

or a therapist who would like to incorporate spirituality more fully into your work?

"Live well to the growing edge."

                               ~ Howard Thurman

Slow Down

A frenetic, impulse-driven approach to life is 

rewarded in America. 

We over-identify with productivity and become 

complusive human do-ers instead of human beings. 

Over time many people find this way of life lacking.

Slowing down is essential for Fullness of Life.

Lean into the unforced rhythms of grace!


Live the Questions

We love answers because they make us feel secure.

This is a false sense of security though. 

The human and spiritual journey 

is marked by out-grown answers.  

Curiosity is holy work.

Lean into the questions.

Engage with the beautifully complex Mystery of Life!

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