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Consultation vs Mentoring

Consulting & mentoring are both about the giving and receiving of support & guidance. With the understanding that there may not always be a clear distinction, this is what I mean when I use those terms:


Consultations focus on a particular area and information, including subject matter knowledge, resources and relevant experience is shared. Pertinent questions are raised, or the field of questions is expanded upon as the compexity of a novel situation requires.

I am available for consultation to therapists, ministry professionals and spiritual directors.

A 30 minute consultation is $50 and is done by phone or videoconference.
A full hour consultation is $80 and we can meet by phone, videoconference or, when possible, in person.

Mentoring is available for therapists and ministry professionals who want to more fully integrate spirituality & the path of transformation into their lives & their work. It is more open-ended than consultation, and more personal. It may begin with a few questions in a particular area or a specific situation but expands from there. Mentoring assumes curiosity and a desire to learn more; it is more formative than a consultation. Sessions are typically scheduled monthly, then can evolve into quarterly check-ins.

A 50-60 minute mentoring session is $80, and these sessions are also available by phone, videoconference or, when possible, in person.

If these fees are not affordable for you, 

please call me & ask about a sliding scale option.

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